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    “It flies. It’s tight. You rarely feel like it’s on your side. Of course, we’re talking about time. You can blame it – of more accurately, the lack of it – for standing in the way of many things, but scoring the body of your dreams is no longer one of them. The latest research shows that sculpting lean legs, a tight tush, and flat abs doesn’t require extra hours at the gym.

    The trick is to sweat smarter, not harder, and in many cases, for shorter durations. In fact, a study from McMaster University in Ontario found that people who did brief, fast-paced workouts for a total of 90 minutes a week got just as fit as those who did lower-intensity training for four and a half hours. (Hello! That’s an extra three hours a week!)

    With that in mind, leverage these shape-up shortcuts — some maximize the precious (and few) workout minutes you’ve got; others actually shave them away. Now go and make that dream body a reality.”

    Larysa is a fitness expert for Women’s Health magazine and is their “go to” trainer for expert advice and new ideas.

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