• Some Things You Should Know About Soda

    Everyone’s got soda on their minds these days!  Mayor Bloomberg has a way of bringing out the best and worst in your health and editorial comments (respectively).  Actually, the cartoons about Mayor Mike’s 16 plus oz soda ban are pretty funny.  But soda..I’m afraid is not.  Here’s the deal.  Our healthcare system is ridiculously messed up.  It’s messed up for a variety of reasons but one major reason is people aren’t taking care of themselves.  Obesity and obesity related problems cost US healthcare over $147 billion per year!  How insane is that?!  One of the major reasons people are getting fatter is the increase in the amount of soda that they drink.  A 12 oz soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons or 40 grams of sugar.  Try adding 10 teaspoons of sugar to water and see how grossed out you get by the 5th addition.  What does sugar do to you?  It gives you a temporary high but then you crash like mad.  It increases your insulin which causes your body to get fat, it lowers your immune system, rots your teeth and makes your body acidic which leaves you susceptible to awful diseases (oncologists use a sugar substance to check malignant tumors…they apparently grow like wild in the presence of sugar).  Not only is the sugar in soda bad for you, but there are other ingredients as well:

    • Carbonated Water (causes your body to leach magnesium and calcium making your bones brittle and makes you retain water which increases your blood pressure)
    • High Fructose corn syrup (linked to Diabetes and trace amounts of mercury in the body)
    • Phosphoric acid  (most commonly used to remove rust on cars has been linked to kidney stones and lower bone density)
    • Caffeine  (fine for adults in moderation but you DO NOT want your kids consuming caffeine)
    • Sodium citrate  (inhibits absorption of calcium)
    • Sodium benzoate (chemical preservative that may mess up the integrity of the body’s cells..the FDA is doing more tests. FYI Bethanny’s Skinny Girl Margaritas were pulled from shelves for containing it)
    • Malic acid (a natural acid when consumed in excess can cause chest pain, nausea and constipation)

    I’m a huge advocate for consuming things in moderation.  I’ll have a Sprite once a month or let my kids drink soda when we periodically go out to dinner (although they prefer juice with a little seltzer).  However, moderation is a BIG problem in the US.  Studies show that by the year 2030, 50% of the US population will be obese or overweight.  Why?  Because we can’t consume things that make us fat…in moderation.  Having half of a nation’s population fat is unacceptable.  I’m very leery of government intervention and watch it extremely carefully.  However, if we as individuals can’t alter the course of our ill fated health, then I’m all about the government stepping in to guide us.  It’s clear we need it.



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