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    Larysa was featured in New York Family magazine this month promoting her new book: “Sneaky Fitness.” The article written by Kate Willard is below:

    “A New Book Helps Parents Sneak Exercise Into Their Kids’ Daily Routines (And Veggies Into Their Cookies”

    Kinds today are spending an unhealthy amount of time in front of TVs and computers, contributing to the fact that 20 percent of children in the U.S. are overweight. Yet, as a parent, it can be difficult to find ways to encourage children to replace tube time with staying fit. In their new book, “Sneaky Fitness,” bestselling author Missy Chase Lapine and personal trainer Larysa Didio offer 100 simple ways to incorporate exercise into kids’ everyday lives-much the same way that Chase Lapine’s bestselling book, “The Sneaky Chef,” helped parents slip spinach into kids’ brownies. The activities include ideas for games, field trips, make-believe and more that don’t feel like exercise but burn calories, build strength, and most importantly, are lots of fun.

    Why Should we be “sneaky” when it comes to incorporating healthy changes into our kids’ lives?
    Missy: Sneaky is really another way of saying small changes can add up to big benefits

    Why do you think kids today aren’t getting enough exercise?
    Larysa: There’s a host of reasons. One is increased schoolwork–kids have probably triple the load now than when we were kids. In addition to that, children spend up to three hours a day either on the computer, playing video games or texting. I also feel that the qualithy of food that kids are eathing causes them to become more lethargic.

    Is your book mainly for inactive kids, or do you think all ids need more exercise in their lives?
    Missy: It’s absolutely for everyone because studies have shown that even for children and adults who do get in one hour of intensive exercise [each day], they tend to do less the rest of the day. Even more physically active kids can use some creative, fun ways to more. We can always be healthier.

    The idea of doing exercise for exercise’s sake can often be a turnoff to a kid. What’s the key to getting them excited about it?
    Larysa: Kids alrways have interests, so you just have to tap into that and figure out what motivates them. For example, if a child only wants to play video games, I will mimic the exercises in real life and say, Let’s see you kick like Kung Fu John!”

    What are some of your favorite exercises in the book?
    Larysa: I love making an indoor hopscotch board in the house, What you can do is either take a water-based marker or masking tape and put that on the floor in your kitchen or on your way to your child’s room. [Kids] can’t help it–when you see a hopscotch board, you have to jump.

    Do you have a favorite activity for toddlers?
    Larysa: We have one for toddlers called window washer, where you can take shaving cream or colored crayons, and you let them either color your windows or your shower doors or tile–they have so much fun drawing pictures–and then give them a spray bottle and a squeegee to clean it off.

    For city dwellers without a backyard, do you have tips on utilizing public park spaces?
    Larysa: Snow couldn’t be better for fitness, and a lot of snow activiteies can alternatively be done outdoors in the sand. Making snow angels actually takes a lot of core muscles, as does getting up and down from the snow with a lot of heavy clothing on. What my daughter does is she makes a snow angel choir; she’ll make 20 or 30 snow angels, which will take her about an hour to do and then she pretends that she is the conductor and she sings in front of all of her angels.



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