• Almonds: Even Better Than You Thought


    I’m hanging out in the almond capital of the US, Lodi, California and it’s BEAUTIFUL here.  I’ve always loved almonds.  In any form… raw, covered in chocolate or cinnamon, ground for butter, as marzipan and even in my face scrub.  They taste great and offer me a healthy, monounsaturated snack that fills me up and an alternative to dairy.  But there’s a lot that I didn’t know about almonds.  Mostly, they’re WAY better for me (and for you) than I originally thought.  Here are some awesome facts about almonds that will hopefully convince you to add more almonds to your daily diet:

    -California almonds account for 100% of US production and 80% of worldwide production

    -Almond farming is a family business, as most work is delegated to members of a family and passed down to generations

    -Since 1995, the Almond Board has invested in science to understand the human effects of almond on heart health, diabetes and weight management

    -an almond is not fully digested in your body and some of the fat contained in them is not absorbed by your body

    -almonds contain more protein, fiber, iron and potassium than any other nut

    -because of their fat, protein and fiber content almonds keep you feeling fuller, longer, and keep your blood sugar stable (which is GREAT for people with Diabetes)

    -after 6 weeks of adding 1 serving of almonds/day, participants of a study lowered their total cholesterol, total bodyfat and bodyfat located around their bellies, significantly

    -a serving of almonds 23

    Here’s a fun comparison of nuts:


    So you can see what a winner, super nut the almond is!  Support your health, US small, family business and US agriculture by eating a serving of almonds a day!



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