• 5 Important Questions About Probiotics

    happybelly5 Important Questions About Probiotics

    (written by Larysa for DesignerWhey.com)

    Probiotics are making their way into mainstream USA in big numbers.  Shelves of natural food, grocery and warehouse stores are lined with pills that contain different strains and promise everything from digestive repair to lowered cholesterol.

    What are probiotics and what can they do for you?
    Probiotics are the good bacteria in your body that fight bacteria, infections and make you healthy. Basically they keep your body in balance.

    How does your body lose good bacteria and get off balance?
    The most common ways are drinking alcohol, coffee and/or tap water, and taking antibiotics (they kill bad and good bacteria at the same time).

    What can probiotics do for you?
    -heal a sour stomach caused by acid reflux
    -help alleviate diarrhea
    -lower your blood pressure
    -lower your cholesterol
    -help fight bacterial infection
    -help anxiety and depression related disorders
    -fight yeast infection
    -increase your immune system
    -help you lose weight

    Where do you find probiotics?
    Supplemental form, yogurt, soy milk, milk, dark chocolate, pickled foods (pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi) and olives

    Who should consume probiotics?
    Everyone!  Aim to consume 1 serving of foods that naturally contain probiotics, daily, and consider taking a probiotic supplement.  Look for a well known, preservative/additive free brand that contain multiple strains and 3-5 billion CFU’s a day.

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  • One thought on “5 Important Questions About Probiotics

    1. Argonine Johnston

      Probiotic bacteria are one not well known way to maintain good health thru one’s life. These bacteria and especially Lactobacillus bulgaricus can significantly improve the overall health and even cure some serious diseases, mainly in the stomach(gastrointestinal) area, but not only.

      I myself use them regularly in both natural yogurt form and in capsule/tablet form as a valuable additive and supplement to my everyday diet and meals. From yogurts a very good option is the original natural farm produced Bulgarian yogurt, as the Lactobacillus bulgaricus bactetia is found only in this country and actually is named upon it(the bacteria can live only in Bulgaria, everywhere else in the world it can survive for only a couple of weeks), when the bacteria was first fount in there, the most of the population has very long lifespan with many of them living over 100 years and that is thanks to this bacteria mainly.

      So adding it and the probiotics in general to one’s everyday diet is one of the best things one can do for keeping his life healthy.



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