• 3 Ways a Treadmill Can Help You Lose Weight

    I LOVE my treadmill… I love it during the hot days of summer when it’s too stuffy to breathe, during the winter when the wind and ice are whipping and I also love it when I just don’t feel like going outside.  My treadmill keeps my tushie in shape and I adore it so much that I’ve even given mine a name…Buster.  Haha he’s a fat buster!  Here’s a great article guest written by Sean Byrne of www.ItsAboutTreadmills.com.  A helpful site that will give you all the info you need to know about picking and buying a treadmill! 




    Most folks who need to lose weight understand that there is a process to it which needs plenty of determination and focus.  More often than not this is easier said than done.  Losing weight is a hard thing to accomplish as it takes lots of discipline and effort in re-establishing a new value system about your weight, exercise and diet consumption.  Many people find that using a treadmill has many benefits to losing weight!  Here are  three ways a treadmill can help you lose weight:


    You Can Use A Treadmill The Whole Year Around!

    An unassuming point to kick off with, but never the less a true one. The beauty of using a treadmill is the fact that you can use it in all seasons!  You don’t have to worry about areas to walk, jog or run in.  Weather is never a problem either.  What about exercising when its late out and dark?  Or perhaps early in the morning?  You can hop on the treadmill once you get out of bed (even in your pjs!) and immediately wake yourself up with an invigorating ten minute walk or jog.  Procrastination has no excuse when you have a treadmill machine in your home as you have far more reasons to use it as opposed to not!


    Treadmills Offer Versatility

    Using a treadmill such as the sole f80 machine gives your workout plenty of versatility.  For example, if you are just starting out on your exercise program, you can basically start with a slow walk and then progress up your speed when you feel comfortable doing so.  If you are more advanced and are looking to train for a marathon, you can design a work out program that incorporates your needs.  Most modern treadmills allow you to exercise on an incline, which is fantastic for burning calories but you can also walk downhill which is a good way to cross train.  I personally like the treadmill brands that come with free hand weights as they enable you to build muscle while burning calories.

    Treadmills Are Inspiring To Work With

    Treadmills are one of the most user friendly exercise machines available on the market.  Because of this people looking to exercise, lose weight and achieve fitness goals get the most enjoyment from working with them.  Many complain that they get bored of going to the gym and working out.  The people I have talked to don’t see it that way when it comes to using their treadmill!  Most models come with mp3 docks so that you can listen to your music and high end machines even come with their own tv so you can workout and simultaneously catch up with your favorite programs.  Now that’s multitasking!  The console unit on most treadmills these days also do cool things like enabling you to monitor your heart rate, blow cool air on your tired body and offer a variety of different and challenging workouts.

    If you would like to know more information about popular treadmills, check out this review of the horizon t101 by ItsAboutTreadmills.com. The review by ItsAboutTreadmills.com on the Horizon t202 offers good value also.


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